Eau de Web

 is a Romanian software company specialised in Web development. Most of our work is open source and that’s the way we like it. Scroll down to find out more about us.

We work for

The European Commission

The European Commission


The Directorate General for Communications Networks, Content and Technology is managing the Digital Agenda for Europe.

Under the contract “Publishing, visualising, linking open data, hosting and broadcasting – SMART 2012/0103”, Eau de Web has developed digital-agenda-data.eu, an interactive visualisation tool for linked semantic statistical data expressed as RDF data cubes.

European Environment Agency

European Environment Agency


The EEA is the largest European Commission agency, which aims to support sustainable development and to help achieve significant and measurable improvement in Europe's environment through the provision of timely, targeted, relevant and reliable info.

Since 2010 we are in charge of the framework contracts for Zope/Plone web development, including EEA’s main website, the European Environment Information and Observation Network and the European Nature Information System.

European Network and Information Security Agency

European Network and Information Security Agency


ENISA is the EU’s response to cyber security issues of the European Union. As such, it is the pace-setter for Information Security in Europe, and a centre of expertise. ENISA’s website is the European hub for exchange of information, best practices and knowledge in the field of Information Security.

We undertake framework contracts for Zope/Plone Web development and hosting for ENISA’s websites.

The European Agency for Safety and Health at Work (EU-OSHA)

The European Agency for Safety and Health at Work (EU-OSHA)


EU OSHA serves the needs of people involved in occupational health and safety across EU countries.

Together with Bilbomatica, the main contractor, we have revamped several websites for EU-OSHA, including their main website, Napo’s films and the Healthy Workplaces Campaign 2015-2016. The websites are build on Drupal 7, responsive and fully translated in all European languages.

United Nations Environment Programme

United Nations Environment Programme


UNEP is the voice for the environment within the United Nations system.

We build several Web applications for UNEP, from which the InforMEA, a platform that harvests COP decisions, news, events, membership, national focal points and reports from MEAs and the CITES Virtual College, a learning management system containing training courses for CITES Parties.

About us

Eau de Web is a Romanian software company specialised in Web development. We’re in business in this formula since 2006, but most of us have worked together as a team since 1999.

We attend trainings and conferences all the time and we keep ourselves informed about new technologies, solutions and standards. This allows us use emerging technology when developing applications and also suggest the suitable solutions to our clients when we start new ones.

Our products and services respect modern standards for accessibility, syndication and Web services. Most of our work is open source and that’s the way we like it.

Over the years we worked a lot with content management systems and portal toolkits so we eventually built our own. It’s called Naaya, it’s made in Zope and it’s fully open source. It’s our pride and joy because it’s simple to use, simple to extend and elegant to program. We’ll have a website for it soon.

Web applications’ interoperability is a big component of our work, so we’ve been increasingly involved into the Semantic Web principles and tools, working with SEIS and Open Data guidelines and implementations.

The name

Eau de Web is a paraphrase of eau de parfum, meaning a fragrance of Web, close to its essence.

Eau de Web’s Manifesto

The drives of our activities are the open source culture and the use of open standards due to the benefits of code reuse, openness in participating in projects worldwide, peer review and contributions from a wide community of developers.

Work with us

The office is located near Arcul de Triumf, in a quiet neighborhood, some of us even bike to work. There’s a fully equipped kitchen, also an espresso machine with the best italian coffee, and an exquisite selection of teas. We don’t cut corners on office furniture and IT - dual monitors and your choice of linux, windows or mac.

We use any excuse to organize a social evening with poker and board games. The company pays for gym membership and the odd wine party. We go to conferences and regularly order technical books.

Over time we learned to work profesionally. All code is under version control (Eionet’s svn repository, our github account), we write unit tests, any important change goes through peer code review, and we pair program when it makes sense. Deployment to staging and production is automated, and we have specialized people for testing and system administration. We also have close, long-term relationships with our clients , and we work in small iterations with quick feedback.

Contact us

Our address is:

Maior Gheorghe Șonțu
No. 8, et. 1
011448 Bucharest

Phone / Fax:

+40 21 222 1522

Write to us at:


EdW news

These are some of the things that have been keeping us busy lately. For past news please consult the yearly archives below.

Plone Conference 2015 - Bucharest, Romania

In Octomber 2015, the 13th annual Plone Conference was hosted by Eau de Web in Bucharest, Romania Read more

Plone Conference 2014 - Bristol, U.K

In November 2014, the city of Bristol was the center of the Plone universe for several days. We've been there and presented some of our work during the past years! Read more

WISS 2014 - « Web of Data », 25-29 August 2014, Saint-Étienne, France

WISS 2014 was the sixth edition of the Web Intelligence Summer School. Read more

NN/g Usability Week Amsterdam

Learning from the best usability experts is part of our commitment to a more usable web. Read more

BONSAI 2013, Râşnov, Romania

Eau de Web supported BONSAI, Bridging Organizations and National Societies in Artificial Intelligence. We spent a few days in the mountains surrounded by wonderful people from France, Greece, Italy, Romania and Spain, highly skilled in AI. Read more


Naaya is an open source portal toolkit with support for content management, multilinguality, syndication and friendly through-the-web site administration for webmasters with all kinds of technical backgrounds.

Naaya target users are people that want to quickly start a website and reduce to a minimum the need to refer to technical system administrators for its update and maintenance. They can delegate authority for content management and local administration to a team of non-technical contributors. Naaya is also suitable for networks of portals, because of the integrated search across multiple sites, skinable layout and support for creating self-installable toolkits.


All Naaya components are released under the Mozilla Public License (MozPL or MPL). Read about the license explained on the Eionet portal.

Features, source code, issue tracker and documentation

Use this page to find out how to get the functionalities offered, source code, documentation and where the development tickets are posted.


Plone Advocacy

Eau de Web continues to demonstrate a long-term commitment to share and contribute the knowledge, software and resources to benefit others through Plone’s open source community.

Some of our efforts to evolve and promote Plone include: