NN/g Usability Week Amsterdam

“Nielsen Norman Group” was founded in 1998 by renowned design and usability authorities Jakob Nielsen and Don Norman. The goal of NN/g was and is to conduct high-quality user experience research and provide interface design recommendations based on empirical evidence. In addition to providing advisory services to clients, NN/g began in 2000 to present user experience and usability seminars. They currently offer over 40 courses through their Usability Week events, held worldwide through each year.

Sonia attended in April two of these courses, Information Architecture Day 1 and Information Architecture Day 2 and learned pretty interesting things about the Five Components of IA, Documenting IA (mapping, inventory, audit), Evaluating IA (personas, task flows and tree testing), Defining a new IA (card sorting and sketching), Purpose of navigation, Best intentions and testing, Navigation attributes, Global navigation, Local navigation, Deep site strategies, Brand family navigation, Other navigation components.